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Local Calgary doctor shares dizziness and vertigo relief tips that actually work.
We have helped 100's of vertigo sufferers live a virtually dizzy free life. 

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Stopping The Spin

Upper Cervical Care is a unique method of chiropractic that removes pressure off of  irritated  nerves so they can heal and function properly.

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Your life without vertigo is priceless.  It is our  desire to help you regain what you have lost.

The 3 Brain Highways

The 3 main types of communication between the head and spine. Disrupt one and another part of your body may suffer.! 

External Triggers 

The top external triggers of Vertigo and Dizziness, including many hidden triggers. Learn how to avoid flare-ups. 

Common Internal Causes

The mechanical causes in the body involved with Vertigo and Dizziness. Chemical causes are not as common as you think. 

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